Thursday, July 18, 2013

Relax Knit and Crochet this...

Okay so I'm late again posting what can I say, I am an artist which means I am spontaneous and loving it! Because it's Me! Now before I get to the knitting part I have to ask....
Am I really seeing this below...An Olsen Twin wearing a Granny Square Scarf?
Please tell me yes!
Then I found this dress on Pintrest, and I though wait is this see can't be, well of course it couldn't be not with the holes it appears to be lined with a nude color. I really like the dress but when I was young you couldn't get anyone to wear this....I don't remember seeing anyone going to school in anything made of yarn. Kinda sad isn't it...I just remember my mother and grandmother making a lot of those dolls that turn upside down.
But this blanket off Pinterest just captured my attention. I love the color combination, simply gorgeous, it's by Coco Rose Diaries I am in love the border it's awesome and came from here.
I must try this one, oh one more project with a million already started...well not quite a million but it sure seems like it.
So here I am..the hooded cape I was working on went out the door. Yup, I didn't like how big it was towards the end and because it was wool there were so many pieces parts stuck within threads, I just put it away with all the other to do projects. I am going to make one only not with the Thick and Quick Yarn. I only used it because I couldn't find another use for it. Warm blooded gal here!
So now the question remains...I started this right when I did the hooded cape and swore I would finish the cape. Oh, I really tried right down to just the hood when I put it on looked in the mirror I was like I just knitted a tent. Why I didn't try it on as I crocheted who knows I only know it's too late now. And that leaves me with this knitting project of a log cabin very soft thin yarn blanket. I love the weight and all yet I am not sure whether to continue. It's my first log cabin and it seems lately I just want to knit mind numbing things. Simple things, that don't require much thought. It's hot here the garden is barely producing this season so I'm in the house a lot especially when it's 105 degree's, and the humidity is awful!
Although I love the garter stitch the flexibility, the color, and another secret... I have to tell you of a problem I have had from day one...after learning to knit anything. I have never knitted anything with out a mistake or two, I kid you not it's there, not that the person who doesn't knit would notice, yet it bugs the crap out of me that I know it's I ask myself should I rip it all out, forget the log cabin for now, and just garter stitch a nice light weight blanket of different colors, summer colors added to the brown? Or continue on with the log cabin anyway...I am not sure...please tell me, I need help, what do you think?