Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Good The Bad and The Awesome...

Boy oh boy, have we had a lot of rain this season. So far 20 days in a row outside the other weeks of every other day. My neighbor sent a text ask if I wanted to come over last night, said she'd send a boat as her yard is flooded. So I put on my boots and went ankle deep in her front yard for a small river walk to the door. One would think they should build a boat this year for a sequel of  Noah's Ark The Summer Flood.
Everything is a rich green it's true however, not many flowers to date, the zinnia's are just beginning to show signs of blooming. The tomato's are really suffering from all the rain, they were doing so well in May and then sudden were hit by blight, even our local farmers market hasn't been open yet this summer. Thank goodness I decided to grow two in containers on the deck and speaking of the deck it's getting an new uplift.

The grapes are doing exceptional well, of course, I did cut them back two years ago making last season kinda sparse. But this year wow it's loaded both the purple and white concord grapes are producing amazingly. Lots of grape juice and jelly coming in the fall. I did make a great find yesterday in an old shed the owners let me browse through...the chair looks to be maybe around the 1930's by the detail. I plan on cleaning it up tonight and then sending it out to have it made into a rocking chair without arms, so I can knit and crochet easier. I must add the chair is solid wood, today I cleaned a small portion and it's solid oak. Boy, they just don't make quality wooden items today like they did years ago. Laminate I despise anything with laminate. I decided to start collecting old pieces and redoing them bringing them back to life. In the 90's I had my own workshop did a lot of wood working, I miss it sometimes then again I miss a lot of things.
I did manage to find some flowers lemon balm seemed to do okay. It's one of the dwarf varieties and the smell is just awesome my favorite. Then there is the final photograph I found on Pinterest which lead me to the pattern. I love the colors that are used in this photo compared to the actual pattern. Yes, I think I might give it a go, of course after I finish that hooded poncho, really it's just about done. I hope!
Stay dry, keep cool, and enjoy the sunny days! At least it's not been hot here :0)