Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Knitting Log Cabin Shawl

There are many things in life I love, a simple bouquet of daisies makes me smile, a table filled with small things has a country feel, says welcome have a seat, lets relax and chat... an A shaped attic converted into a camp setting with simple cloth walls, an easy get away without leaving the house...how romantic. And knitting or crocheting as I love to learn.
Simple things that say Happy, that's what I am every time I learn something new and that's the beauty of life. And a thunderstorm just now arriving as I type...more rain what a wet summer, but oh the sound of it all... is relaxing.
I am just about a day, two at best from completing my hooded poncho, and looking forward to working on my lightweight garter stitch shawl. I have found a couple other patterns I am just anticipating beginning...oh how I love learning. And....so many new projects my hands are just waiting to try!