Friday, July 26, 2013

Knitting, Crocheting and A New Surprise!

Well it's been cool here all week, so cool one has to wear a light weight sweater. Like most who are blogging it's all that's mentioned is this crazy season. I took a walk Wednesday morning to the mall and spent some time at the book store browsing magazines and knitting/crocheting books. It was nice to get out for awhile..since it was cool. A lovely walk listening to my I-Pod the music, II Volo, a young group of Italian Singers... something I needed a nice walk in the cool breeze. I've
 also been crocheting, and knitting keeping myself busy. Three projects going at once...actually four if you remember this one, which is a year long project. I started the half double shawl yesterday after a late night cleaning and organizing my closet. I found some old yarn it appears to be worsted weight not sure what brand as the labels were missing. I do know I bought it a couple years ago on sale it was the last two skeins, since I haven't done a shawl and wanted to try the half double, I thought this would be a good start. If I like the finished shawl I will make another only using a nice merino light weight yarn. The yarn I am using is not the best but the colors are nice. I am going to add a nice lace border at the bottom and as fast as it's going it should be done in just a day or two. The granny square blanket if you remember,I am doing for the entire year, is still in progress adding two squares a day it's coming along nicely. It's been really a good way to do a project keeps me from getting bored by juggling so many. I just love the brown log cabin blanket the square is done, and I am just about to begin the green then adding white. I just hope it's as easy as the tutorials I've read have shown. I'm
 one when doing a new project the second time is always the best and so on.....are you the same way? It's like the first is the practice project. Then there is a pattern I started awhile back which came out of the closet as well...I will post the pattern on how I made what I call a Pinafore as soon as I put the notes together. It's done with sock yarn out of yarn so old I can't tell you what brand anymore. I can only tell you it's from Germany is 100% wool. It's very light weight and oh so dainty all I have to do is decide whether to add a different stitching to the bottom or leave it as is...and bind off. The back has three pearl buttons it was actually started for my daughter was when she was a baby...way back when?? Let's just say it wouldn't come close to fitting her now! Which brings me to the daughter is pregnant due in November. She''s been married 7 years now this is her first child,
 not sure what gender yet, she's having a revealing baby shower. Although it would be nice for a grand daughter which I don't have so far just grand son's, who are absolutely adorable...Something tells me that it's a boy, despite I will still be extremely happy. This baby will make three grand babies for me. Not bad for a grandma...who absolutely loves to spoil them.