Monday, July 8, 2013

A Hooded Poncho in Progress....

With all the rain we've had lately I've been doing a lot of crocheting and knitting keeping my hands busy. I started out with a log cabin lightweight shawl which I will photo later this week. Due to running out of yarn and waiting for the rest to arrive in the mail, I started this hooded poncho, by Sara Dudek that I feel in love with on Raverly.
Needless to say it's suppose to be done in a bulky yarn, however, I had on hand some thick and quick cream yarn by Lion Brand I've had for ages just couldn't find the right project. I mean come on...thick and quick yarn! What's a gal to do with such heavy yarn? I needed to make sure I used it to be worn, not in a scarf or a cowl, no it had to be something really use able and would make not only an impact, but would suit a gal with hot flashes. Had to be able to remove quickly and since it just drapes over the shoulder it was perfect.
In the hooded poncho which are my favorite of all outer wear I just knew this was the perfect project for this yarn. I started it a day ago, so far, I am loving it although my left wrist would not agree. It has been a lot of stopping and rotating, rubbing the wrist. But I am determined to finish this hooded cape as soon as possible as I can't wait to see it done, feel it against my skin with the hood draped over my head. I think the best feature in it's appearance is not only going to the the cape poncho, but the huge over sized buttons that will hold it together.