Friday, July 12, 2013

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms...Really!

It's late I know what can I say...I've been enjoying the sunny day, in the garden after all the rain, and trolling on the net....the sun has got me all giggly feeling good again.
It's Friday....why am I excited I have absolutely no's not like I have the weekend off, or I'm going out to party, or for that even to visit anyone!
Nope it's  just Friday.....Yeah right...IT'S FRIDAY... and that means a lot to a majority of the world!
Just like trolling lately on the net has begun to mean a  lot to me. I am just in aw of what I find..
How could one not be! Look at those little tiny granny square purses, or at least I think they are who cares they are just tooooo cute! But wait....
This has got to be the absolute coolest thing I have ever seen done with yarn. Even though my eyes have trouble with's the design itself that is just...oh help were are the words!

Then I found this and just had to purchase the pattern...all in colors I like..yet it's the magic of this design, the sheer brilliance of there recycling mind that should give this gal an award. Now I haven't looked at the downloaded pattern yet, I can only tell you it's done with a serger. Tons of old sweaters and you've got this....the bee's knees!
But this one just blew me away....literally! Follow the link and take a peek you will be amazed, astonished, mesmerized, captivated, and think on earth.
And on that note this Friday I opened a dove dark chocolate mint candy and inside the wrapper says,
"Chocolate Therapy Oh, so good" see ya later I need Therapy...Chocolate and Knitting!
Happy TGIF!