Monday, June 17, 2013

They Seem To Be Missing...

Yesterday was a day of many thoughts, mostly of my son who is separated from his son's, my grand babies, as the family as split after 12 years. The sun was shinning, a bit of clouds here and there, the temperature was decent I was outside tending to the veggie garden which seems to be moving slowly. I don't know if it's because spring took so long to arrive. All I know is there is not much growing around us and although green is everywhere color is just missing at least for me.
I love it outside against the colors of nature mostly because it's random and somehow perfectly set in it's place. Yet so much is missing it seems nature is changing the way it effects us here in the East confusing the normal growth it usually produces. Change seems to be happening all around the Country. But, despite the fact nature is changing, I couldn't get my son out of my thoughts so I decided to put on my best attire and head toward the store to buy some flowers.
When I lived in Paris I loved the way the flowers could be bought on the street here and there with little cafes and bakeries quaint tables and chairs outside. It's not like that here where I live sometimes I miss it. But despite all I began my hardy walk down the side road filled with nature everywhere. I bought my flowers, yellow daisies for the veggie garden as bees also seem to be non existing this year. A few small packs of red inpatients for my deck was just what I needed as was the walk. I bought my son a father's day gift from Hallmark, they have these really cool double frames perfect
for two children. A photo on one side and a really neat way to put there hand print on the other. I thought this would be nice keepsake display for my son. I called him on the way home and had a really nice chat. It's so hard when your children hurt, no matter what age, it just somehow takes you back to when they were little and you could mend there bumps and bruises, keep them safe from bullies and even the boogie man at night.
So, I ended the day by planting the flowers in the garden and the impatient across the front of the deck, weeding the veggies and covering the lettuce, beets, carrots from all the rabbits. The final task was picking mulberries. I like to soak them in water kind of let them marinate for a day or two with a bit of sugar like I do with strawberries. Oh, they are so delicious this way I can't wait to eat them a fruit that just grows random around the U.S. offers a free and natural nutritional food.
Check them out on the Internet who knew they contained so many nutrients beneficial to our bodies and not to mention there are lots of recipes too.
I hope your day was spectacular!