Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It Smells Amazing...

Last night before dark I was outside in the garden tending to all the veggies, covering my tender beets from the rabbits, when a small breeze drifted across the lavender and ohhhh, the smell was truly amazing! All my older lavender plants are just blooming with color and scent. I noticed a couple of them were beginning to bloom flowers from the buds, this is the prime time to cut the lavender when the scent is the strongest and actually the best for making fragrant oils. Inside I went with the cuttings wrapped them in a rubber band to hang and dry, and the kitchen... whee.... the smell is beyond wonderful. It's the best!
I am heading back out to the garden shortly right before the sunsets to take some more cuttings, only this time I am putting them in water for awhile, to enjoy the scent before preparing them for drying out. And when I am done, it's a bit of hook time for the grannie square blanket.

Thanks for stopping by...enjoy your evening!