Monday, June 24, 2013

Have To See to Believe... Even I Was Stunned!

Despite the fact the weather has changed and nature is producing some really high humidity there are just some things that produce on there own. After a evening of cutting all my lavender, which I might add is making the house smell awesome! Which is expected...There are just somethings you don't except. On my way back in to the apartment I noticed something small black and white struggling in the grass, in fact, it keep falling over and getting back up. Being the curious person I am I had to explore this creature. My first thought at a distance it was a baby kitten after all we do have many sheds in the yard which many animals of nature use to have there babies. Usually it's cats!
As I approached it started looking really familiar...yes my thoughts immediately recognized this little one has a skunk. Helping it get back home I spent nearly 30 minutes trying to direct the little guy back to a huge hole under the old seed corn shed. Believe me when I say it was quite the task it was clear his eyes had just opened, and he had found his legs only they hadn't quite meet up to his expectations of just thinking, he could take off. Fell left and right has he tried to balance those little legs. Oh, it was so sweet....well I just had to do something so I grabbed a hard boiled egg and trailed his way home. Skunks just love them! Well for the past couple nights I have been feeding them a hard boiled egg to keep them safe from predators. After all they are a huge benefit to nature and your veggie garden.
Although it has been fun the last couple days feeding them just at dusk, sitting still and watching as they climb my shirt and pants. Even the mother has become comfortable having me around. I have to get a pic of her as she is the most beautiful with more white than I have ever seen on a wild skunk.
Despite the fact she is comfortable with me there is one thing I did not expect...Today I opened my door to go outside unhitched the screen and there they were two little ones at my door at the top of my deck. How they managed to climb up I could not figure out nor could I believe as they walked right into my kitchen. I propped open the door so they knew they could leave and the tinest of the two just roamed around the apartment playing with things it came across. What the heck I was thinking and by goodness had it spoke to me (like in the movie Dr. Doolittle) I would have ran and ran and Forrest Gump without stopping.
So I watched as he played, I even picked him up and of course with gloves and softly spoke to him. Then I took him back outside to the whole put him down and under he went. How strange I thought and yes a bit of a smell. Knowing nature as I do I was aware they can spray at any age, yet only if they sense fear. Note to self...although making friends with nature is kinda cool, stick to humans at least they don't have the ability to spray at random.
BTW- this little guy just found a new home here with me! And in case your wondering he is a pygmy monkey it's all the bigger he gets...they are very well trained and make wonderful pets. At least better than a skunk!