Friday, June 21, 2013

Where The Wild Things Are.....And The Grannie Square Blanket Growing!

Today I took a walk outside before the humidity hits us tomorrow, a beautiful breeze, the soft grass, greens everywhere, things running wild, and me laying on the ground looking up at the sky. It just doesn't get any better than that...or does it? For me nope! I walked without my shoes my bare feet touching the ground and all was good. Oh, how I love being without shoes feeling the earth beneath my feet. Like the singer Joss Stone I could spend my life walking in just my bare feet. Joss is a singer who wears even the most classiest outfits with no shoes on stage or practically anywhere she goes, and still looks wonderful. Almost like your face without makeup you feel free to be yourself. Makeup, me, nope not anymore...I am totally comfortable just as I am.
It was nice to lay on the ground watch the clouds moving in the sky, I couldn't resist putting my feet up and taking a picture. To lay on the ground looking up reminds me of the movie, "Their Eyes Were Watching God," with Halle Berry such a captivating movie one of my favorites.
There was everything wild around me, the rabbits, birds, butterflies, flowers, mulberries and so much more. Free to go and do whatever they want everyday simply looking for food, water, and shelter. Such a beautiful thing to watch! Especially my little hummingbird who shows up late evening a bit of red around his neck on a black tiny little body. I am in aw of what this earth provides for us, this borrowed earth for whatever time we are here is truly a gift. As is any natural talent we are blessed to crocheting...the blanket is growing, coming together, stripe by stripe of 16 granny squares I am in love with this handmade blanket and so very thankful to have all of this around me, and  to be talented too. What are the things you are really thankful for personally, just for you, in your life?