Friday, May 31, 2013

Maybe You Already Know....


 Change is all around you and happening second by second of everyday. That with every rain comes a new cleansing of the air leaving behind a fresh clean smell, nature turns greener with every drop where you have just looked is already in the past. And is about to make another change in the blink of your eye.
That the best item I found for a garden to keep the bunnies and bugs from eating your newly seeded growth, is a lightweight blanket. It allows light, rain, and air to circulate. Something new I tried this year and love it!

When you decide not to till the whole field anymore but make it more like a garden, it can really be a task that so far has been an exciting work in progress. Yet, something I am enjoying. In the front is tomatoes, next will be a stone walk way, the area with the pop bottle which is the best way to keep your young plants safe from nature until they mature has zinnia's planted on both sides in between with be another stone walk way.
On the right those little bushes are actually my year old variety of lavender plants.
Next to them the new tiny lavender plants. Another change is happening in my garden a place where I've planted for years.

 Under the white blanket in the photo above are zucchini plants grown from seedling. Aren't they just gorgeous!

That lavender plants have such a beautiful aroma on there own even before and long after they bloom. And deciding to make a change in the field where peas, corn, green beans use to grow, is now becoming something new. Another change to come the weeds around the lavender will soon be surrounded by a walkway.

All those little stalks standing so proudly are soon to bloom a beautiful lavender color offering even more aroma of their sweet scent.


When it rains the birds love it in fact all of natures wild life come out to play. For a moment however long it rains they are free, to roam to eat, and explore without their day filled with humans moving everywhere. It's the best time to visit nature you never know what you will find.
Like this rabbit who heard me moving closer he rears up attentive to his surrounds, ready to leap when he senses fear. Does it seem animals of nature are smarter than humans?

Finch love the white hanging bags filled with thistle better than the long tubes with the yellow tops that hang anywhere. They use this more than the feeding tube I also have hanging. They are such a beautiful bird to watch as are orioles.

Before you step in an area waiting for July when more zucchini will be planted. Watch where you move somethings in nature blend right in with the ground. He sat there the whole time I was in the garden after the rain and didn't move at all. Some things do stay the same at least for awhile, but in reality every move you make forward your past is left behind.
So why focus on what you can't see and just enjoy what you can...change happens constantly it's true. It just depends on how you view it, is the glass half empty or is it really half full. It's your choice in every moment of your life.
Are you a survivor? Whatever life brings your way whether by disaster, a loss of a family member, a loved one, a person who bullies you, a negative statement someone makes to you, name calling, a fire, a tornado, battling to loose weight, a divorce, custody battle, the loss of a job, no matter what life throws your long as your are alive and still standing...You are a Survivor!