Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bird Watching Spring is here....

It's been awhile since I posted I've been busy in the yard. In fact today
I was enjoying this another birth of a new spring. My favorite season of all.
I can sit for hours listen to the sounds of everything new, the birds chirping, the wind blowing the new leaves on the trees. Listening is so soothing and everything is showing signs of growth.

    Getting older has it's down falls physically it's true. Yet the eyes, even though aging, see things better than they ever did before. The mind processes everything around me, it's like being a baby, finding new things so exciting. The only difference is now I can understand it all can soak it in and that's amazing.
I sat on the ground watching this little bird protecting it's nest. Watching it's every move thinking how beautiful it was and how good the fresh grass smelled, the true green of spring, the softness
and the smell now heighten my senses. The air even smells so clean like laundry hanging to dry in the breeze when brought inside. Everything just seems new as though New Years Eve should be moved to this the birth of spring it just seems right. But I suppose having two amazing celebrations is better than one.

Like this bunch of wild weeds with beautiful shades of purple and the yellow dandelions popping up everywhere we seem to mow away or devourer them with pesticides. Why, with such beauty do we destroy them, I wonder.