Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Apartment Decorating on a Budget....

A lot of people these days are renting due to the economy. I personally would rather rent than own a home. Let someone else do the upkeep I say and pay the yearly taxes. For some whom want the so called American Dream to purchase a home young in life to raise there children keep the home in the family until it's paid off, I say good for them. Not really..I have seen way to may siblings fight over material possessions left by parents causing them to separate as a family. My parents always made it very clear, we aren't leaving anything, earn it yourself, and they kept their word. By doing so they made my siblings and I better people for it.
So what do you do when you rent and in the lease the it states no painting or redecorating of any kind. Whee! what do they to live without expression who I am. Not!! There are solutions.
When I first moved in to my apartment nearly 7 years ago, yes do you believe it, to some it's a long time in one space. Not to mention they say about every 5 to 7 years people make changes to there home. Well I am nearly at the 7 year mark and I have already begun. When I first moved in I was told no painting, no removing carpet, redecorating at all. Well first of all I am one who will find a way to do things the way I want to live and on a huge budget costing nearly nothing.
Take the photo above..notice how the bottom of the photo shows the actual flooring? Well it's not bad but not the best for wear and tear landlord usually will use the cheapest they can find, especially if your not living on Wall St.
So I decide to play around with some black card stock paper. Now mind you anytime you want to change things pick a color and use card stock close to that color so you can see how it's going to appear. You can play with all kinds of shapes. I tried solid black block then skipped the next put another sheet of black on the next. Then I tried a diamond shape in the middle cream square. Needless to say no matter what I did it did not appeal to me.  Then one night while watching Everybody loves Raymond I saw something that gave me an idea. Anytime I watch a program I am  always scooping out the room on the set. Amazing what you will find.
While watching a scene in the kitchen I noticed the tiles under the table. Walla, a light bulb went off and I knew exactly what I was going to do. Create a small area just under the table to add just the right punch and I love it. Black has always been a color I have used in every place I have lived. It's a must for grounding the eye when a lot of color is going on...It lets the eyes settle and focus.
So I knew I was going to use a diamond shape and just under the table. In case your wondering, no this is not my kitchen table. Since I live alone I have no need for a bulky table in a tiny space.
This table is solid wood was purchased in the early 90's for a mere 5.00 at a furniture store.
Now I will not part with it has solid wood is hard to come's been through a few changes and was actually an awful blue when I purchase it. A little sanding some primer and spray paint and walla I have a wonderful table. Just the other day I spray painted the top black to go with the floor.
First of all I have to say I am NOT one to follow trends. I have no use for them I follow my own personality and style. I find decorating shows annoying and Martha Stewart it seems has everyone wanting to be her or do what she does. If she jumped of the Golden Gate bridge I often wondered how many would follow. Being yourself finding out who you are and going with it is the only way you will be happy, truly happy. And in return you will find your own decorating style.
I love this sign wording for that reason. Read it several times and let it soak in really let it soak in your mind. I am my own person I do what I want not what trends and decorating people and shows tell me. I will NOT use the colors that are trendy and in season. Let the marketing world do what they need to I am sticking with who I am. Speaking of the marketing world, did you ever notice how the fresh fruit, lettuce, and veggies are always the first thing you see when you enter a grocery store? There is a marketing reason behind it, hence tricking your mind to believe everything in the store is fresh. Clever little guys aren't they!! And I do not watch commericals nor do I watch the news. I know myself enough to know comedies are my thing. I love to laugh!!
Could you imagine passing away ending up at the pearly gates as they call them and being ask the big question,"what did you learn on earth in your life" Can you imagine saying Martha Stewart taught me this and Calvin Klein said, wear this, and HGTV showed me the colors that were in every year.
Wow! What a drag not one thing did you mention about knowing who you really are, or what you really liked. Bummer!
So now I am working on the walls, did I paint them sure...why not I can always paint them back the good old white or cream you get in an apartment. And can do it really cheap. The wall color I choose I love so much it will stay for many more years or until I move.
This color at the top is the main color that will stay. It's hard to see as the sunlight in the room was so intense....Yeah, it's spring! The color is Range Brown, however, it's a very low brown with and olive tone and it's been on my walls since I first painted them. If you notice there is chair rail which I removed carefully and moved up higher to create a taller wall. And the polka dots are an experiment again using black card stock. I was not thrilled with the combination of the diamonds and polka dots and it did change. The diamonds look painted on don't they...not at all... they are heavy card stock applied with remove able scotch tape and have been there a year and held up just fine with no one noticing.
Before I show you what I decided to do with the boring white walls. I wanted to show you the table top I spray painted black and these stools I have had since the 90's and proudly solid wood. My son bought me the covering for Christmas one year the top pattern and stripes I love and do plan on painting the legs black to make the covering pop.
Now to end this post I will show you were I got my inspiration for my white walls. I wanted something that would make anyone who walks in (which is very rare) as I am like Howie Mandel, I do not like germs. I am a germ a phobic. Yes, it's true only to other people which is why I live alone and am not fond of visitors. And not ashamed of it either after all no one is perfect.
We must all learn to accept our own disabilities in ourselves and each other. There is no shame.
To end this post the burlap cover on the table in a photo above gave me the perfect design which is done in black card stock. Which design do you think I chose?
That will be revealed on my next post.
Have fun with your life, be who you are not a copy of what you see or are told is the trend of the year.

UPDATE - the flooring diamonds are merely black vinyl cut into 2" squares and hold up to washing and traffic all done very cheap. Oh and my lavender plants arrive and have been planted. I am taking a photogaph today and will post it in the section Everything Lavender.