Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beekeepers Knitted Quilt

In my spare time I do a lot of blog trolling...yes, I love any site that has DIY projects, home improvement and of course knitting and crocheting. My love of learning as I get older just keeps growing and growing. Since the kids have flown away, I find more time for me to explore things I like and my focus is so much more better than when the kids were growing. I am in love with this new journey in my life. I would not want to go back to any age but what I am and understand why elders enjoy life so much more.....the aches and pains are not worth my worry life is what it is as you age. I have no time to waste in complaining.
I do however have time to talk about great finds and this one if you haven't seen it is another I must try...oh does it ever stop!

I am a lover of quilts, my ex mother in law, who has passed was one of the most creative, inspiring people  I ever meant. She taught me to can veggies, pressure cooking and water bath. It was amazing how in her growing years they didn't worry about food contaminates the way we do today. Anyway she made beautiful handmade quilts always of fabric. If I only had one today! If I had only know in my younger years how much she could have taught me if I had not been so involved in living. Taken time to notice her talents. Unfortunately when were young we dont' seem to notice much that goes on in the moments.
So to speak I stumbled across this beekeepers quilt on a blog which lead me to ravelry. Unfortunately I don't remember which blog.
All I know it's a great way to use up scraps and make a soft bee hive type quilt which I am sure is oh so soft. You could take this project with you anywhere you go and knit up this cute little octagons that look like a beehive comb when assembled. So if you don't have anything left to do with all those small scraps here's your answer. A beekeepers quilt!
Use up those scraps gals...and have a Great Day!