Friday, April 12, 2013

Cute Little Sign


   Where has this Butterpillar been?? Of course trying to turn into a Caterfly. Yes, my love of words has me creating these quirky quotes. Along with being so incredibly tired, what did I say, tired, yes, tired, or derit, I also have a habit of reading and spelling backwards. Oh, the days of being tired and having enough, enough of what you may wonder. Menopause, Post Menopause, Peri - Menopause. The fatigue, the bloatness, the hot flashes, the crabby, cranky days, where you just want to go outside naked, cool off, and scream! WHERE THE HECK IS SPRING!

  In the meantime, I have been catering to 82 tomato plants, 4 squash, 4 cucumber, and only 2 little lavender plants, the only two to survive. It's amazing how much attention all this requires, but the end result is worth it all. I've also been crocheting my grannie squares and enjoying watching the blanket grow. Yes, my very first grannie square blanket. You go girl! And eating dark chocolate york peppermint patties. So there you have it....this Butterpillar who's getting older is still trying desperately to turn into a Caterfly, the darn Meno-P whatever STOPS! If you want to copy the sign simply click on it to enlarge, then right click and save to your computer.

                                                Until we meet again! I am off... literally!