Thursday, April 18, 2013

Progress on Grannie Square Blanket

I've been working on my very first grannie square blanket as I look outside and the sun is finally shinning. It's warmer today 70 degrees yet it seems to still be going up and down from warm to cold. Because of being Post Menopausal I had to put the air conditioner in for the warmer days. Anything above 70 degrees had me wanting to climb in the freezer until I made the decision with the air conditioner. Whee! it's been wonderful. Although yesterday I had to turn on the electric fireplace which I forgot to turn off when I went to bed. Let me tell you in the wee morning hours I felt like I was in an oven. Thank goodness again for the air conditioner!
Now for the post, here is  a peek at where I am right now on my grannie square blanket.
I love the light gray border it just makes the colors pop!
I am trying to do a couple a day and today I made two with the rest of the time weaving in all the ends.
Being my very first grannie square blanket I am not sure how I'm doing on the color combinations. Actually from what I have researched it seems to be anything goes.
So here is a few of the square so far...the ones with the ends weaved.
The color combination I am beginning to really like so far.
Here are the rest actually all of them after finishing up weaving in the ends. I have ten so far and a long way to go. Like I said, I am going to work on this blanket the rest of this year, doing a few squares here and there...until well who knows how big it will actually turn out.
I have to say, I am proud of what I have accomplished so far!
 I hope everyone is trying there best to enjoy the spring days we for now it looks like it's  about to rain. So I am off to catch the water for my tomato plants.