Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Making of A Grannie Square Blanket

                       Happy Wednesday Sweet Readers....thank you for stopping by my blog!

  I am beginning my very first Grannie square blanket and needless to say I am not big on Grannie Square Blankets. I suppose it's because my mother made a lot of them in pastel colors. Mostly for the new grand babies to arrive. Yet, its not only the fact they were pastel's, in reality its me. I have a condition which causes my eyes to  have trouble working with a combination of colors. I just can't focus or process a massive amount of colors combined.
I am absolutely horrible in a stores from grocery to clothing stores, I stand there saying what the what! Then I have to read every label to make sure I have the right stuff, it is so mind boggling!! I'd rather join the cast of Splash on TV at least I know the water is all the same color BLUE!! It's not easy being this way.. as I do see beautiful images full of color and just love them. Yet to live with them would be trying for me. And that is why I love neutral colors in my home.
And so it began, after seeing the blanket in Mollie Makes, thanks to a wonderful lady, Julie, at Little Cotton Rabbit's. Julie is the one who inspired me to give this a go after seeing the colors she choose from Cascade 220 Heathers. They are deeper tones which I love and I decided this year I was determined to make my first Grannie square blanket. The one in Mollie Makes I loved and would not have found if not for her. Thank you so very much, Julie.
To be honest I do not know if I am doing these properly with the color combination. I really don't know if there is a proper way with Grannie squares.
But I am giving it a go...and will finish it this year. I am taking my time and in fact ordered three more colors last night. Although I see a lot of blues in Grannie square blankets I am not a blue person. I tried a blue bedroom and it lasted a month with me saying to my son, I just don't like blue. And then I think how can I not...when I look at the beautiful blue sky I am in aw...maybe for me it just needs to stay where it belongs, in nature.
If anyone viewing my blog has done Grannie squares I would love your advice on colors, does it really matter how they are combined?