Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stop the MADNESS...and A Great Pattern Link

I wasn't going to begin with this particular topic, yet I sitting her finishing a project and all that's playing on TV is anti-aging products...which makes me what to ask. Did they really think about this back in the 18 and 19 hundreds? Oh gee, I am down by the river washing clothing, I bend to rinse in the water, she sees herself..omg look at those wrinkles on my face. ah...not!

I really don't believe it was near the extent it is today or if it even existed at all. I don't believe they had time to be so self indulgent. Which leads me to this...we are even more occupied today by technology woman wanting to be in CEO position, etc. So how is it we find more time? Ah yes, good old marketing on your iPhone, on TV, on billboards, computers, in stores...and the list goes on...I say hey look, I earned all my wrinkles and whatever else appears I am proud, they tell my story. And, isn't that what life is about your own personal journey. So I may have love handles, love handles, nice wording. LOL...so I am not perfect but like whoopi goldberg said in The Color Purple (one of my favorite movies) I made be black, I may be ugly, but, dear god I'm here, I'm here. One would think the most important part of life is everyday you wake up your still here....sharing your life with those you love. There is love of money all things material and then there is love of being alive, being human, sharing your love. I prefer the love of being alive, even if I can't wear tight pants and my boobs are making there way south, dear god I am here, I am here. If you truly care about me you will love every part of me no matter how aging, changes my body. And, if he should go for a younger girl, hey, he's got issues, not me.

Now, on to another topic...OH DAMN NOT AGAIN.... Post menopausal yes, ladies, do the symptoms of a monthly cycle really ever go away, for a few lucky ones yes, to them I say, bugger off...for most no. Here I am in my week were I would normally have my cycle before the stopping point, and I am still doing the same things. Oh YES, I have added a few...hot flashes which I found if you stop the caffeine really tapper off along with keeping your feet cool when they hit. But, here is my peeve...I use to get migraines with my cycle and sleep two days. Now I sleep two days but without the cycle and the migraines. To this I say "What the What" it's like going into a cocoon for two days and darkness is my friend. It's 5 to 7 days of this crap! Plus to top it off..if you piss me off that week I will verbally tear you a new A**hole and I know I am doing it, but can't get control until it decides to stop. It's like an outer body experience...Hello, we can create all this technology and can't stop this!! Oh sure they gave me Prempro warning me of all the side effects especially blood clots. Well, 6 months later I was in the hospital, two blood clots in the main arteries from my lungs to my heart. Now I am stuck on blood thinners...HELLO!

And if one more person knits a hat, scarf, or cowl or shawl...I am going to scream!! Literally. Now for all those knitters and crocheters don't get your yarn in a twist over my comment. I completely understand it's relaxing and easy...yet every time I look for something different to knit all I find are hats, scarfs, shawls and cowls. How many different ways can they be knitted or crocheted. Now I am not the most talented at making patterns, what the heck it's not my forte. But please make something different like this....
 Look at the detail it's truly amazing, challenging, makes me want to pick up my needles and give it a go. Oregon Hand Warmers, an Alice Starmore design. The gloves alone would have people asking where did you get those? It's almost like cooking...if you're a common person the same food gets boring as you age.
So now you have an idea of the post menopausal women who isn't lucky enough to have it all stop when it really stopped. FYI...I am 8 years post and it still keeps going.....and going...and going... when it's 30 degrees outside I am sleeping with no heat on and a turbo fan whirling away....someone please stop all the madness!

Popping in to update...you must see this pattern called Secret Garden. I have to give it a go!