Friday, March 29, 2013

The Feel Good Board...Awesome!

 It's FRIDAY...we are one more week closer to real SPRING days!
That makes me HAPPY!
There are other things that make me happy a Visual Inspiration Board. Yup! it contains all the things that make me feel good, smile, and remind me of positive things. I use the side of my fridge I can view when I walk by, it contains a lot of words and images.
Like this one... with nature I find peace and this reminds me just how grateful I am to be a part of this wonderful planet.
I was raised around horses during my childhood and until my father passed. It reminds me of the memories I shared with my father every time we went to the barn.
This is one of my favorite. My grandson spent the night last summer he found a heart punch in my craft supplies. Then cut a heart out of paper and proceeded to ask.."grammie what's your real name" I told him Pam. If you look at the heart it reads " I love Pam" A beautiful moment I will have always. Isn't he just the cutest? Well it was hard to take pics off the fridge there wasn't enough light.
Next to him I put Choices of the Heart they are the most important choices we make and more often involve the ones we love.
And then the ocean...amazing there is a whole different world deep in the water we don't see without those who explore the unknown. I am grateful those people exist.
I am a lover of words..the power they have to destroy or embrace the human spirit. How they are used often will define how we see ourselves. I make a point to use them with caution as I grow older it becomes a more important focal point. How we use them also tells a story about ourselves...those who use them to bully, make fun of us, belittle us, are really letting you know they are fearful of themselves. Insecure, immature with no idea who they really are in this life, other than afraid.
Harmony reminds me to keep my life balanced, and the words underneath say," You can change the world, NEVER BE AFRAID TO TRY. Every day I try to make one person's day a bit better. Sometimes depending if I'm out it's more than one and if I can do that, I have tried.
Ahh...sweets, I am a lover of sweets...however there are always reasons why and I have two. One it's part of post menopause or any kind of menopause it happens. Second, I have a personal enormous loss I have experienced in my life that I have yet to conquer. Oh, don't think I am not without pain in my life. One would think knowing the cause would help in changing what I eat to feel good when it haunts me. Not always true...especially when it's with you and you live it everyday at the hands of another person. We can't always escape what others choose to do to us, but I find comfort in knowing the reasons why I love the sweets.
And that my friends says, " I DID IT " I am learning everyday to face it and let go. The more ways I discover to let go I am finding the less chocolate I am beginning to eat.
And that is Magical!
I have a ex husband who is younger than me...he finds joy in belittling me, badgering me, telling me how lousy I am, who loves to always win, and more.... I define him as merely being immature, insecure, fear of facing himself, and he finds in me what he lacks in himself and when people do this they will do what they can to pull you down. I don't allow it...this took some time but again I DID IT!
This quote has been on my fridge for 8 years...I read it everyday, again words are so very powerful and these are the wonderful.
There is one more quote that has been next to this one the same amount of years. I too read this one everyday. Family is an important part of life it's true...they are there to support us in time of need, but, it's words that define ourselves. Positive words we can learn to rid ourselves of the programing someone else may have instilled in us. This is were words, reading positive words will begin to change those words inside your head. You just have to read them everyday and better yet know that you are human, everyone around you is human. We are all the same, we live no matter how rich or poor, we eat, we shower, whatever it is...we all do it the same...even dying is something we all do together at different times. I do not feel superior to any human nor do I feel any other human is superior to me. We are all just human's sharing this time on earth in simply different ways.
So I end the post today with something a human created to make us all feel good. The Willow Tree Collection. Should you notice each one she makes has a very inspirational message. All simply with letters of the alphabet that create feel good words.
Have a wonderful weekend...Happy Easter!