Sunday, March 31, 2013

Perfect Easter Gifts

It was a wonderful day of surprises, yes, first my son's family stopped by briefly... I always love to see them and to give me a receipt from Garden Harvest Supply, I absolutely love this online shop. It's were he purchased the very first ones I planted in my garden. The receipt has 6 plants, Yeah, hidcote, munstead, and one I don't have, lady lavender, a combination of 2 each. They won't arrive until the first week of May which is always the way it's done. Garden Harvest Supply is always right on with there shipping dates and they are packaged with great care.
I love a combination of Lavender when I make my Lavender products or even just working with Lavender. I will combine a mixture based on scents, meaning there is a soft scent blend for those who have trouble tolerating a strong scent, right down to a luscious strong blend. I love not only the beautiful way this plant stands, it's elegance, but also, it's color combination of lavender and green. If you see a field of Lavender it just makes you want to lay down upon it or following the path of it's scent.
HAPPY EASTER...I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!