Monday, March 18, 2013

Taken Hostage

Recently I was taken Hostage, yes, the past week my mind was taken over totally by thoughts. Thoughts of what do I do today? Thoughts of, wow, this is so boring, television there is nothing on, nothing worth my time. Do I want to listen to music, what music do I feel, no, gosh this is boring.
Walk in the greenroom watch the plants, water the plants, oh wow, look they are getting there primary first true leaves. Back to the living room...what now, oh please let me go? Turn it off, this mind that can't stop thinking.  Eat, yes I will eat, how long does that take, eat more there is nothing else to do. The weather is crap, who can go outside? Oh, I think of the garden, I would love to prepare for the coming spring planting, forget it the weather is crap! So why, have I been over thinking this past week...hmm, ah yes, the computer, where was it? Down, it let me down, it took me hostage, my mind, my day, my connection to life in this season called winter. It left me for a week, broken, in need of repair this machine that keeps me company in these dreary days. I say thank you, for being there for me, for coming home.