Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sew Many Sheep


I have a love of sheep...in photographs, on shop banners, collectibles, there is an amazing sense of down home country feel... the simple life which they suggest. When I see a cute sheep in a shop it just pulls me in visually. There are so many talented people who sketch them, embroider them, and make dolls which makes me just say, awww...So I decided to make one myself and that's what I did, I made a sheep doll. I love everything that says simple, even though I have a sewing machine, I am more comfortable hand sewing. I can sit on my couch for hours with a needle and thread and I am at peace. The sheep is entirely hand stitched from beginning to end. Isn't he just the cuties? So last night I sat again with my needle and thread and created an item that you can find at Ewenique Farm Goods. An adorable hand stitched heart... filled with Bulgarian lavender essential oil, mixed with rice, and Bulgarian lavender buds. The aroma is soft, subtle and not overpowering perfect in it's delicate patterns of pinks. Although my decor is traditional and is subtle in colors I do love creating with color when it comes to fabric. Do you too love sheep and find the smell of lavender soothing?