Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nice Walk to Wonderful Finds

Early this morning I decided to get out of the apartment and take a walk that lead me to the mall. Which in turn lead me to the book store which I love.
There is a great area for sitting a browsing through books and magazines. I love the creative section, knitting, crocheting, and gardening. Out of one of the magazines I picked up this blanket caught my eye. The more I looked at it the more appealing it became, the color combination and the way the crocheted squares are displayed. This one is a must do project...yet another on on my long list to be completed and started.
Continue my browsing I stumbled across this gorgeous yet unique cape in Filati Knitting magazine, immediately I thought Wheee...another project I would love to tackle. Do the ideas and projects ever stop long enough to finish one of them? Hmm..I wonder.
Finally in my venture I decided to browse through Jessica Alba's book The Honest Life after seeing her on the talk show Katie. I have to admit my first impression, how much could she know after all she actually just a young girl. Much to my surprise this book is intriguing throughout and well worth the read. I learned that the honest life is living a eco friendly green life, including toxins in foods and products. And she offers amazing alternatives. This book is not only informational but it's well written, I give this book an A.
So my day of a well needed nice walk turned into a surprise of wonderful finds.