Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Someone Say Bunnies

Easter is almost here and March is making it's way out like a lion. There is snow, not much, but enough to know spring hasn't really arrived technically speaking. It doesn't bother me, as I tell my son, I am grateful to be living in an area where I get to experience all four seasons. How amazing! To think around the world there are children who have never seen or had the experienced of falling snow.
I love children especially babies up to 5 years old. They have such a pureness that draws one in as they see life in all it's innocence's. It's the beauty of being a grandmother to see once again as they do.
And speaking of grandmother's.....
We also knit and crochet...blankets, hats, mittens and bunnies. Yes, every little one should have a bunny for Easter. These two are crocheted both are going to nice homes for Easter. The little blue bunny is sleeping he was requested by my son for my grandson who is beginning to loose teeth. It has a front pocket for the tooth.
I just finished the little blue one on the left which is for my oldest grandson. Nearly 10 and he's changing everyday. I look at him when he visits and can remember the tiny little toe head blonde just discovering life. He wanted a big boy bunny. If your wondering where the pink and white one is going a neighbor has two grand daughter's. So yes I do need one more.
They are fun to crochet, however, I am not big on stuffing and assembly, until I see the final result and if your wondering they are 14" tall.
I am working on the last one for the neighbor. This one has a bit more detail as this is going to a big girl. Well, let's just say she thinks so and that's all that matters. I've done this one before as it seems to be a favorite when someone sees a photograph or the ones that are made randomly and sit in a basket in my living room.
This is what she will look like when finished. I can just see the little one who received this bunny dragging it across the floor by one arm. Oh, how sweet to imagine. I am happy they make a little one smile, maybe even you!