Monday, February 25, 2013

Unusual Connection ....Part 1

 My blog is about many things, creating sure, baking sure, gardening yup, but there is a lot more in life then just that, and I explore them all. After all isn't that one of the many things life is about? With that being said, there is one thing that has always intrigued me....miracles. I've heard about them, I've seen them reported on the news, but, haven't really witnessed one... or have I?

If you've read my story... why I live a simple life then maybe you know... is that really a miracle or simply realizing your own strengths? I would have to say the latter, realizing your own strengths. For me and a majority of us have to actually see to believe, or experience it ourselves, seems a tad shallow doesn't it? After all nothing in life is they say.

I have always lived my life with the belief if I haven't seen it for myself then how do I really know. Sure I can read about it, watch documentaries about it, but how does one really know? I've spent most of my life walking this path of seeing before believing, I've made a lot of people angry, at parties, family holidays, birthdays, over this exact thing. Let's just say, I've heated up a lot of conversations.

 I've always been thought of as a skeptic or so I was told, one who was an explorer of things, of the truth, of things that couldn't be explain. In search of the unusual, the mysterious, of just as I said...the truth in everything. And that my friends is how I lived much of my life. Until one day about 5 years ago, something changed everything for me that actually began in 1997...

I went out with a friend to grab a bite to eat and had just gotten home. It was a cool spring evening, just the kind of night when you look up at the sky see a ton of tiny stars that seemed to go on forever. I went inside to grab a small brown blanket from the closet, go out to the yard by the driveway, lay down and enjoy the heavenly view. I rounded the corner of the house and much to my surprise was this tiny little black and white kitten, that seemed to come out of nowhere. Standing there I thought  out of no where, hello, you live in the country.

The little one stood there looking at me, I did the same, as I turned to go back upstairs and grab a packet of tuna.  She moved back as I approached, I moved closer and back she went. Finally I decided to sit down on the cool gray concrete and lure the little one my way using the tuna. Sitting as still a possible I laid the tuna in front of me, she moved forward with much care and nibbled up the tuna. So I laid a bit more and a little more...this went on for more weeks than I could remember or would have imagined.

Everyday she'd show up at the same time in the same place and I'd be there waiting. So out of character for me, I am not a fan of cats at all which made me wonder, why her, why now. After all, there had been many little ones around before and I hadn't stopped to feed them. I've heard many comments about a cat, you either love them or you don't, there seems to be no in between. I was always on the hello, not a lover of cats here. So for me this was very unusual and odd, many who knew couldn't go without pointing it out, followed by myself constantly wondering what was I doing.

As the weeks with this little one passed, we began to interact just a bit, playing lying on the ground as she would play around me. I could only watch as if to touch she'd run away. I began to call her KDK kind of like kitty kitty. Weekly a friend of mine would stop by who just loved cats, but this little one wouldn't let them close. Time went by, the days of feedings continued, until finally I managed to get her to come to the porch. I would feed her at the same time everyday never without fail. Then one day she didn't appear, another day followed and by the third day I found myself so attached I would bundle up, grab her bowl armed with an open can of tuna, I'd go outside walking in the ways I saw her come and go before. Always calling her name KDK, KDK...until she'd finally arrive out of no where, I'd sit down in the cool grass, pet her while filling the bowl with tuna, and she'd eat. After she would rub up against me, purr as I would pet her so softly. Not once thinking this is a feral, a stray cat. I just knew something was different, something was happening.

Things continued on as usual until one day she disappeared... a week went by no KDK. I walked and walked in the dark, fearless of anything, and always with one thing in mind...I was going to find matter what. But that week, and weeks to follow there was no KDK. Fall turned into winter and my friend continued to stop by only to say, she's a feral, a cat that roams the day and night. Not meant to be a friend she belongs to the world. A tad broken hearted I still felt somehow she'd return. I  was not going to entertain the thought that she was gone.

On one cool early winter night, a clear sky of vibrant stars and me sitting on the old wooden stairs enjoying the view. Remembering how much this night was the same as when I first meant her. I found myself softly saying out loud KDK, where are you, KDK where are you...within the last vocal I spoke there she stood on a stack of old logs from a tree cut down. I got up she came closer and there coming around the corner just as tall as her mom, a little baby kitten. Oh so tiny it was much smaller then when I first meant I moved forward and leaned down KDK hissed at me and backed off, went back around the corner as the baby followed. Within seconds a little gray kitten began moving across the grass, as I stood oh so still. Caught in between two pieces of wood up against a shed the little one couldn't move. With gloves on I grabbed the baby and began up my steps, when out of no where KDK came at me like a lioness protecting her young. Never thinking she would defend her offspring...I put my boot up and yelled back off KDK, back off as loud as I could as I made my way inside the door and KDK back down.

I put the little one on the counter who was crying and whining, I knew what she wanted, me wanting to make sure the baby was okay. After a few minutes or so I put the kitten in little basket and took it back outside to give to KDK. I called KDK... hissing at me as she showed herself, I said, KDK it's okay I didn't hurt your baby. I sat the basket on it's side and off they went. KDK didn't come back for a couple days, and me rightly understanding. But she came around again, the same time, just to eat and go back to the babies. I came to realize this was her way. . she'd eat and ran off were her babies were waiting for her protection and care.

One winter night as the snow fell so lightly and large in size, just a quite night snow covering everything, landing on the trees like an artist brush as it made a stroke. Landing on the ground building inch after inch. I knew the snow had gotten to deep for KDK to make her way to eat. At one in the morning I bundled myself up grabbed a can of cat food, small bottle of milk, a flash light, and took off out in the deep snow. Gosh, it was so beautiful, the snowfall lighting up the night and falling so gracefully. Step by step in the deep snow I made my way to where I knew she might be....when arriving at the place I stood there calling her name KDK, KDK come on didn't matter how long it took I just knew I would wait until she appeared. I watched as she came running and this time behind her was the little black and white kitten from the yard, now a bit larger, we all went under an old metal empty building as they ate the cat food. After which I would fill with warmed milk pet her and start my way back home. That night as I left I turned around there was KDK watching as I made my way through the snow. I looked at her and said bye for now my sweet girl knowing both were fine for one more night.

I'd tell my friend and children of my adventures with KDK and they always reminded me how much I hated cats, how dangerous it was to be out in the night. What was it about her that was so wonderful after all she was just a feral cat, a stray not to be tamed. Then again that was not my goal. I would simply respond, as far as the night for some reason as long as I was looking for her, nothing else matter not even fear. How could one explain the relationship between a stray cat and a human. I myself didn't understand it either, nor did I question. I just knew something magical, unexplainable, was happening between us. It was as if she knew me, and I her, in a strange mysterious way, unlike anything I had experienced new to me and so very strange to those who witnessed. It was certainly not your typical human and a it was way beyond anything I could have ever imaged.

                                                           Part 2 next Monday!