Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lemon Cake and a Pattern

First I have to say, I apologize for the late post. My computer is running slow and it's taken me awhile to even get this post done. Yesterday was a very windy day close to 50 mile an hour winds. Oh, I love the sound of my windows rattling it's so calming.
So I baked a lemon cake...see all those bubbles? I always pick up the loaf pan and lightly drop it on the counter to get rid of them. My mom taught me to do this... As you can see it makes quite a bit so I took my pie dish and made an extra.  Oh, if you love Starbucks lemon iced cake, you will love this recipe.
 Earlier today I sat down for a bite...mmmm, it just melts in your mouth.
I also mentioned in my last post I was working on a pattern to share. The only pans I ever cook with are cast iron. First you season them...never have to wash them, simply wipe them out when done. I just love it not only for the convenience, but they also can go right in the oven. I own no other frying pans.
Actually I own 2 of them, one is 6 inches, the other is 12. The smaller one gets the most use, yet there is a problem with them. So many times when the oven is on and cooking I go to move them and they are hot, why I move them who knows... I have burnt my hands so many times picking one up, even when cooking with them. So I decide enough was enough and I was to fight back. I created a simple little pattern (The Pan Handle) that fits over them perfectly, and I tested them last night. Walla, no more hot handles and hot hands. I just love them, although I haven't decided what color combination for mine yet. I kind of like the black, there is a lot of it throughout my home. And, it doesn't fight with the rest of my decor.
Here is the pattern, I hope you enjoy!
Materials - The Pan Handle
Sugar n Cream cotton Yarn (colors of choice)
MC and CC (color change)
Knitting Needles size US size 5
Tapestry needle
Pattern Sitch - Garter
Closing - Mattress Sitich
Cast on 16 stitches - I also use size 3 because I knit to loose on a cast on then go to size 5 after row two) adjust yours accordingly
Rows 1-20  Knit
Row 21 - CC for stripe Knit (front side facing)
Row 22 - CC Knit
Row 23- MC Knit
Row 24- MC
Row 25 - CC Knit
Row 26 - CC Knit
Row 27- 36 MC Knit
Row 37 - Knit 2 stitches dec. ( pull first stitch over second off needle) Knit 5 sts, dec. again, Knit 5, decrease over last two stitches.
Row 38 - Knit
Row 39 - Dec. over first two stitches, knit 6 sts, dec.again, knit 6 sts. dec over last two. (10 stitches on needles)
Row 40 - Knit
Row 41 - Decrease across ( 5 stitches remain)
Cut cotton thread leaving a long enough tail for closing, thread with tapestry needle and run through remaining 5 stitches. Pull up tightly and knot off in top. Fold in half, closing top then once the round part is close lay flat close the rest with a mattress stitch. Weave in ends.
I am not an expert at writing patterns, so if you find an error or have any difficulties simply contact me at rusticfarmliving@aol.com
<3 Pamela