Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lavender Tutorial

Isn't this jar just too cute...I am so obsessed with them they are tiny Atlas ball jars. Yet, it's not about the jar it's about the Lavender inside.
Today I was busy removing the Lavender from there stems. If you grow lavender make sure you leave a bit of stem and do not throw them out. you will find out as your read. Those of you who think you can't grow Lavender not to worry it's fairly easy. I have grown it before at a previous home, and it did very well. It's also lends an amazing aroma and gorgeous view. It loves a bit of lime in the soil, yet still the same, it's quite forgiving.
What your are viewing.. 4 different types of Lavender, please don't ask, Ms. doesn't document everything forgot to write them down, and the detail is on the sticks outside buried in the snow. Make note to self...Write things down or go get the receipt...ah, maybe later.
Wow, I thought I pulled off a pretty good magic trick, the disappearing act, much to my own surprise it's just a paper towel over the lavender. I'm preparing the method of removing the lavender. Some use towels, me, no, I just use paper towels.
One on the bottom, one on the top and the beauty of the paper towels, when I am done with all the lavender, I have two gorgeous smelling paper  towels.
Folded 4 ways stick them in a zip lock bag for a few days and walla, great smelling dryer sheets. Waste not want not. Right!
Let's I take a rolling pin, looking at the words rolling pin just says weird, doesn't it? Rolling's the pin part that gets me. It is rolling pin, right?
Taking both palms of my hands lay them on the roller and gently roll back and forth, taking a few peeks to see how it's coming along.
After you're done begin picking up the stems. You will find some lavender still attached just pull them off, but don't, throw away the stems. They have a wonderful purpose.
Once you have them all gathered take out some raffia, holding the end at your fingertips, stretch it to the top of your shoulder. Don't cut it yet, measure another piece the same length, roughly 72 inches. Seems like a lot I know, but it's not.
Center the raffia under the stems as shown in the photograph and begin wrapping it around the stems, leaving enough to make a nice little bow.
This is what it will look like when done. Now for the fun part! Most people don't know that Lavender stems, in fact, the whole plant not just the buds contain the scent. If you have a burning fireplace, wood burner, and in the spring through fall simply throw the wrapped bunch in a fire and walla, your house is sure to smell of lavender. Even your fire-pit outside. So waste not want, don't throw them out until you burn them out.
For those who wonder where I got the little atlas ball jar in the first photo. At the grocery store in the spaghetti sauce isle, are these tiny little ball jars called Classic Pesto, of course, this one contained ready made Pesto. There are others that are different pasta sauces that are delicious, and when they are on sale I grab them up. They're just too cute! The only problem none of the canning lids fit them. I just wash and save the lids, you  can use them for so many things. Just let  your imagination go!
In my section Everything Lavender I will be adding some really cute items soon. So stick around lots more to come!