Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Knitting What!

Okay so yesterday's post I mentioned the Super Bowl, but I didn't mention, what I was doing while I watched the little I could tolerate. Well okay, so my team didn't make it...yes, I am a die hard Philly fan as far back as Quarterback, Jawarski. Yes, alright I'm a bit older but that photo on the side is me and was taken the summer of 2012. Hey let's face it, we don't get better looking with age, we just get better about ourselves, and I am loving it! I've changed a bit since then after all I am moving forward in age not backwards...which is what I did on Sunday went backwards to those plain face cloths my mother made with me adding a bit of color. That's the beauty in going back with tangible things you can change them.
I knitted, and knitted, and knitted and paused with a get up off the couch scream of run, run, when Jone's ran it in for a 109 yard TD making history. Okay, alright, one has to acknowledge a great return even if I am female. So I sat back down and knitted and knitted...after changing the station to watch Downton Abbey. Love, love, love it!
Being an empty nester my time is totally mine...Whee! One would think time would slow down at this point, yet it still moves just as fast as when the kids were little. I just have that time for myself.
So, I knitted and knitted again.
This is part of the end result...oh yeah...there are more waiting to have the ends weaved away.
Why one may ask? Well as much as I'd like to say, you'll just have to wait and see.
<3 Pamela