Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pet Peeve - Plus a Pattern

I am by far not perfect and do have a few small pet peeves, one of them...everything time I go to the grocery store. I pick things off the shelf, put them in my shopping cart, go to the check out, watch the cashier ring them and put them in a bag. Then this wheel goes round like a merry go round, I have to grab them off and put them in my cart. And heaven forbid if you use a self check out. Then you're packing them yourself, but at least you can watch what you ring up, opposed to reading the receipt after the cashiers done.
Then I go outside, my son puts them in the car and off we go! Then I get home between the two of us we carry them up to my apartment, he hugs me and goes home. I take all my weather bundles off hang them up and the task begins. I have to take them out of the bags, put them on the counter, and then into there proper place in the cupboards.
Does this feel a lot like doing laundry to anyone else?
Thank goodness on Downton Abbey, one of my favorite shows, they have maids and butlers. Oh, how I sit and think if only...then I yell, hey Benson, I need another drink. Of course no one comes, at best it feels good... because I laugh.
Then I put on my favorite sweat pants and my handmade crocheted, oh so cozy, slippers.
And all is good again. At least until I do it all over again, and men think they have it rough,
now that's a real laugh. Go ahead you can do it, laughing feels so good doesn't it?
 Slipper pattern can be found here...I tweaked it a bit yet it's wonderfully easy pattern.