Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Wonderful Journey...

Okay, so yesterday I watched what I could take of the Super Bowl, um, not impressed. I've been watching since I was 12..whee...let's not go back there, well maybe, football was better. That's just my opinion!  But the view I'm about to go on today,was even better, it was relaxing.
Yup, those are my feet ready to embark on a walk in the woods.
 I just had to get outside it feeds my spirit....like the little ones who appear in the spring.
These are all over the field were I grow my garden. In the spring a purple marlin hotel becomes great company, along with the Mason Bee House. Let's keep going...
I'm off...literally...down the center of the field....left side and right are used for planting. It's so beautiful outside...about 29 degrees, not a breeze blowing and the snow falling softly from the sky. Even caught a few on my tongue...I love it..being able to enjoy the change of seasons is amazing isn't it?
Oh and before I continue, I did take a photograph of one of my lavender plants. Can't wait to see them in the spring...what a fragrance as they grow you can smell them in the air...it's truly amazing!
 The bees and the neighbors love it!
Okay, so I'm just going into the woods. I see these everywhere throughout the year and have no idea what they are...behind them is a wonderful elderberry tree.
If you know what they are please let me know...
Finally the woods..I just love being out here away from everything. Out here I find peace, I feel a sense of a time past, a connection to everything living. I wonder who's been here before, then I imagine 100 years ago. This is a place to be when I need to ground myself, make sense out of a senseless world filled with so much, selfishness lack of kindness, and violence. I am renewed and oh so grateful for it!
As I make my way back...I grabbed a photograph of the garden waiting to be rototilled once again.
I am always in aw of this earth...especially since my children have grown and I am on my own. I can focus and take it all in and that's wonderful.
This is where my neighbor and I meet in the spring through the summer and chat away, an ice tea and a bit of girl talk. One of my many favorite places. Inviting even in the snow.
As I head inside I notice the grapevines doormat, waiting for spring to bloom!
Like last year...they make such wonderful grape juice and jelly. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such beauty everywhere..and it's there...you just have to take a time and enjoy your view.
I made a video while I was out in the woods today. I plan on adding it to the post once I figure out how to do so. Learning is another thing I always look forward to doing.
BTW...I am still knitting away finishing a few surprises to come and enjoying it all.