Friday, January 11, 2013

Would You?

Questions everyone always has questions...why did you do this, how did you do that, can you show me...and they go on and on...and if you have little ones... well good luck.
 But this is not about little ones, nope, this is about the adults that constantly ask the same questions over and over all through life.
What do I want to be in life, will I ever find love, will I ever own a car, a home, what is my passion, what do I do best? I can't tell you how many times I have heard these questions, even still, at my age.
One confused person after another trying to make sense of it all....
But there is one question as you grow that everyone seems to ask over and over...
and if you could what would you change in your life?
I've ponder this question a few time in the woods that I spend a lot of time walking through.
I've sat on fallen trees, dangled my feet, and can't help but get lost in this gorgeous spot. A place where when I am there, the outside world doesn't exist. There are streams with the clearest water I have ever seen, sounds of nature that is beautiful to the ears, it's often better than anything any human could write, and all done so naturally. There are deer roaming all the time that just take your breathe away. Amazing how they stand so still, yet so graceful, listening, ears full stance, a golden coat groomed so perfectly, like an angel, they almost seem magical. They run with such an elegance, so soft, you can barely hear them.I think about how many people through history have passed through these woods, how many settlers in covered wagons, how many Indians, just how many people in general.  I look around and think if I could go back in time would I?
I suppose if I could go back to a time when I didn't exist, if I could pick a time then yes. I would like to the see the world so pure, untouched by man's hands. I would like to see New York before it became so industrial, so full of architect elements. I would just want to see the earth in all it's innocence. But, that's not the question now is it. The questions is always...if you could go back in time and change your life would you? What if you would have made different choices? Would your life have turned out differently? For me, nope, not ta, no way....why would I want to visit the same era I saw before and why would I want to change anything. There is a reason I chose the things I did, a reason my life turned out the way it did. I can't say it was always easy, yet without those choices, without those difficult times life brings. I would not be who I am today.Choices I strongly believe we are made to choose, based on maturity levels, that make us who we are as we move forward in life. Our own lessons, our own journals.Why do some have it tougher than others one might ask...My answer, I strongly believe they are the ones who learn the true value of life, and that for me, is something I would not want to change.
As in the end that true value of life is were happiness grows, it's were real love lingers, it's were you will find volunteers, helpful caring people. Those who step outside themselves without being ask or without having to tell there stories of helping another human. They just do. It's were you find those who understand when hope has been lost in a life, they reach out there hand.
I once heard a quote and right now I can't tell you who wrote it, but, it goes like this..
"It's not until we are lost, that we begin to understand ourselves"
That quote could never be more true, as if we look through time at all the people we know that are lost it isn't until they find help, do they really begin to understand who they are, do they understand what they are meant to do. I know as I was once one of them. So lost it was like being in a huge box with no opening. So what do I know....if we look upon those lost as unusual, strange, weird, mental, they are really just lost. Extend your hand and help them realize, there is light at the end of every tunnel, if we only help them with open arms can they see.
So in the end, the question for you is the same and will be ask time and again. Would you go back in time and change any part of your life? Would you?
Blessing to all...
<3 Pamela