Monday, January 14, 2013

Inspiring Crochet Project

I've been browsing the Internet the last few days looking for a unique project that combined yarn and fabric. And...look what I found!! I haven't seen anything like this before...

I found it on a site through google called Craft. I thought it was such a unique spin to a basic quilt. If you take a trip over to Sewing Daisies, you'll see how Heidi created the blanket. Heidi gave it the name...Kaffe 'Fusion Blanket' I just love it! It's just a day of color and, I know, I could use some with the winter weather.
Which leads me to another place I've been, working with color.
Yup, little old me working color.
I think I did pretty good. It's not done yet, so you'll  have to wait a bit for the tah-dah moment.
I have a lot of ends to weave in and then a border. Currently it's 5' and 3/4 inches long, just nearly the right length for my son, however, I fear the grand babies are going to take over this blanket. They love my handmade blankies and the colors are going to "wow" them.
I have a really neat idea for a border that I hope to have finished by this weekend. Yeah right, okay!
I have to tell you working with doubled yarn and a smaller set of needles to get the knitting tighter was not fun. Let's just say I really know how to pick up dropped stitches, although, I did miss one that caused me to rip out all the rows from the orange one up. I couldn't believe it when I found the error, all that work gone. But, I didn't let it stop me and forged through...and I am proud...not only did I continue, I used color!!!
                                                              Enjoy your day....
                                                                  ♥ Pamela ♥