Saturday, January 5, 2013

Unique BeesWax and Bear

When I'm out and about see something unique it just says,
 Hey.. don't walk away..not without me!
One of those things is beeswax, I just love the stuff those tiny little bees create.
I worked with candle wax for along time in my younger years,
 (wow does that sound weird) in fact I loved it.
Of course, until I could no longer stand all the scents..yup...that's part of aging.
It's not all bad the wisdom gained is the bomb!
These were just too darn sweet to resist. Aren't they just the coolest!
The beeswax smells so good and the jars are just amazing in detail. Way to unique to burn.
I went ahead and got 3 of them two are the same size and of course the larger in back.
When the fragrances bothered me in the years I made candles I started purchasing beeswax and doing all kinds of things with it. In fact, I still have my beehive and little bear with bee's molds.
Yes, that's what I will do...dig them out of the supplies I kept!
While I was on my little trip I found this cute little guy called "Boofle" by American Greetings.
My fascination with words and when combined, say so much!
Like his heart, "I Love you very, very, very, much!"
Now... how can anyone resist this odd looking creature? He is for Valentine's day, do you believe it's almost another Holiday?
Well this little guy will be on his way in a few weeks to someone special to me.
 But before I close this post you have to read what's next!
lovable you.
sparkly you.
look-out-world you.
Valentine Wishes
for one-of-a-kind
Have a great weekend!
 ♥ Pamela