Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Should You Do...

What should you do when your suppose to be doing something else, but, can't seem to focus to get it done? A day when it's a gray, very cold day, and this just looks oh so cozy! Like it's calling your name...saying hey you.. come lay down on the sheepskin rug and relax in front of the warm heat.

Well I didn't get that far, had I, it would have all been over, nothing would have gotten done, for days!! Once I get comfortable I am like a bear in a winter cave. Just leave me a diet Pepsi, some chocolate....ha ha, a diet Pepsi and chocolate funny isn't it! Like what's the point of the diet part of the pop!  Who's caring not me....had I laid down I would have been there for days, seriously, only to get up and go to the louve. So British isn't it, which I am not...but it does sound better than bathroom.
But did I lay down? Not!

Nope not me, I picked up some knitting needles and proceeded to knit, of all things, a wash cloth. Why one might ask...because I could, maybe it was my way of avoiding the tasks needed done, or was it simply the call of a new pattern I found here, saying, "try me, come try me." Nope, it was those darn knitting needles that had to be in my hands working yarn, doing whatever pattern available, because they take me away. Away from things I don't want to do, anyway from the world both inside and out. Nothing difficult did I want to do, just something mundane, comforting.
So I began knitting the little wash cloth, which went quite quickly. A wash cloth pattern that made me smile when completed.  A petite lightweight wash cloth, became one of my favorite of all time. Meant to be in my day, of avoiding all the other everyday tasks, made my day. It was truly well worth it all. A small achievement, but one, never the less. Isn't it a gorgeous?
As for the sheepskin...eventually I laid down in it's fluffy, deep fur, and napped for hours. Isn't life grand!