Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Nearly Done...

 So it's nearly done, the blanket I started awhile back, is finally getting the border. It's been, oh so cold here, somewhere around 16 degrees just right for knitting. The wind has been blowing, dropping the temperature even further around 6 degrees. It's kind of nice though, I love the sound of the wind rattling things outside. Soothing for me. Just as I like the sound of the rain. It's cloudy here today, gray outside not quite conducive for taking photographs. Yet they didn't turn out too bad!
I have to say this blanket has been a challenge in many ways. I've learned so many things I didn't know, which turned out to be a very good thing. I have the book, Sitch' N Bitch Super Star Knitting, by Debbie Stroller, which I's a great reference book. It helped in making this blanket.
 Let's just say it helped a lot in adding a border to a stockinette stitched item, which is not easy.  It's a lot of trial, and error, counting stitches before one gets it right. I almost thought, if I have to rip out one more row on making the border lay flat, I was done. At least for awhile, let's say months, but, I am not a quitter and forged through...
 It's not the Tah-Dah moment just a peek at where I am on the blanket. I have a plan to use more of the colors incorporated so far in the blanket, into the border. When done it will just be as I imagined. I must admit working with color in the winter sure brightens up ones day.
Hope you have a good day!
<3 Pamela