Monday, December 3, 2012

Someone Say Knit..

Sunday was a dreadful rainy gray day. Although I am not real fond of snow, I am looking forward to it this year. Last year we didn't much, in fact, it was warmer than usual and quite rainy. The snow arrived only it melted the next day. This year most think we are going to get blasted for the calm of last year. Not to bother me though I have snow of my own. Yes indeed, I have lots of white yarn which is getting lost of use this year.
 After the news on Saturday I just kept my mind occupied Sunday knitting away. I can't really put my finger on it, but I seem to be knitting more and more...Pillows! Covering old ones with the new knitted. I finished this one last night except for the buttons. I used Caron Simply Soft it's not my favorite but again it's soft.
As I've mentioned I'm not big on color it tends to make it hard for me to focus, feels a bit cluttered to me. I do love the grannie square blankets I've seen online, like here, and here....and often wish I could find a way to incorporate them into my home. Yet it's difficult, when monocomatic is what I adore. But those colorful grannie squares are tempting at least try one! Now what subtle colors would you suggest for this none color gal?
Have you notice anything that seems to be consistent with my knitting?
It seems I've been stuck knitting Cable Pillows...The one on the left is the new one done in Caron Simply Soft white, the other is also white only done in Bernat Chunky. I love the left one done with the 8 cable stitch, two purl, and 4 knit.
Which one do you like?

<3 Pamela