Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Redecorating is it Real or Faux?

When it comes to decorating a space in my home I always say patience is a designers best friend. Especially if that designer is you. Redecorating a space when it's your own can be quite the task. No where, as easy, as doing someone else's space. When I redo a room I start with the paint, a color that says me. I look at the colors I wear which tells me I can live with that color. If you look at yourself you would be surprised what you will discover, right down to what you like in a room.
So I begin...here with this spot and ask can you tell what is real and what is faux?
To keep you from guessing I will tell you something about me, I am a person who lives for faux and functional items, things must always have a purpose, a use after all what good does a piece of furniture do for me if I can't use it. A majority of people who have ever been in any home I have lived in... can not tell the faux from the real thing.
With that said, it means I can change anything at anytime with just one word frugal.
Now can you see the faux. Yes, it's true pieces of black card stock has taken a white space behind my electric fireplace heater and made it blend in and not to mention hid those dreadful black cords. The great thing about the card stock it can be a pattern, a black on black pattern simply by using a high gloss black paint and a stencil and walla it's subtle yet interesting. So what will I do with the white base board give it a wash of water base black paint that not only will wipe off, but can be painted over incredibly easy. Take a peek back to the top photograph see any black cords? Oh, and make sure you use re positional tape when applying the paper, it comes off very easy.
 Did you notice the little blue marble on the carpet...I say this, "if you have time to clean behind everything daily or would even want too, you should be working for a cleaning service. Not this gal, I do this about 4 times a year. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. In between have fun dust bunnies!
Now from that space I moved on to this one. The main wall in my kitchen thank goodness with the only window. I am not fond of windows that don't have the ability to have a simple covering, I enjoy seeing out the complete view from an open window. Now take a good look here...can you guess again what is faux or what is the real thing?
Let's see if you got it right...I am sure you guessed the black 3" by 3" black diamonds. Yup, card stock the same I used in the living room. But that's not the only thing. Figured it out yet? See the block in the upper right corner...that leads to something else very faux! And there it is again the dreadful black cords. Why can't someone figure out a way to hide these things when we don't own our home.
Maybe someone did!
The beauty of using any color card stock...what if it's not really what I want the space to look like, well when that light bulb goes off I can easily remove the diamonds. It also helps in deciding whether you'll like what your doing or while playing around with the paper you just might get a better idea.
Even if you plan on making it real instead of faux using paper gives you a sneak peek of whether you like it nor not. And, you can play around with different ideas.
If you plan on doing diamonds as I did, there is a secret to keeping them straight and the same height, that is oh... so simple.
Take a piece of white paper cut it the same size as your squares, mine remember are 3" by 3" then decide the height from the chair rail you'd like the diamonds to be. Then take your first piece which is one of the squares cut in half on the diamond shape, there is your beginning piece. Then decide how far apart you want them and your good to go. The white paper becomes your measuring piece for each diamond. Notice my paper is bent up about 1/4 inch at the bottom that was the height I choose. Now all I have to do is take the diamond and match the point to the top of the paper. Walla, so darn easy. And if I want to remove them easy peasy just peel them off, no painting required.
So let's take a look at the whole wall, shall we!
So far I like it...will it stay if it's meant to be yes. If not, time will tell me. All my windows are tinted so no one can see in but I can see out. I like it that way especially when it's dark. Hanging from the ceiling was last years Holiday gift from my son, five clear wine bottles with little round 7 watt white lights. The perfect night lighting. Now see the piece above the window it's a faux window fixture giving the window added detail. I love architecture in a room, so maybe I just might block in the cream walls with a framed detailed wood element.
The table and chairs I've had since the 80's all wood and since I love black...it's a wonderful color that not only grounds a room, it also lends a bit of class to any room. I am deciding on whether to paint the set in black to add more drama to the room, make it stand out more. To do this I will use the same method simply add black paper.
But I'm not done..what's on the table was the last redesign of the day.
As you know I love bringing the outdoors in...the piece of wood was brought inside found in a pile behind the garage. I put it inside a bag for months to make sure whatever creepy crawler made a home was gone. It's not a perfect piece of wood and that's what I love, nothing is or should be perfect. The burlap piece underneath was given to me by my neighbor. She didn't like the burlap feel and knew I love things old and rough in appearance, that is to some extent. It fits the scene, has the look of burlap and of course a black design.
The candle holder I just adore. I've had it for years now and just didn't know what to do with it, but with patience, it found it's place. I don't plan on painting it as I love the old appearance, plus and here comes a surprise. I will fill the pan with pine cones as I love to light candles, the wax will cover the pine cones and if my fireplace was real...walla...wax covered fire starters. Those will go to my neighbor, she has the real fireplace. Although I do like mine...I can turn off the heat and just let the fire burn.

PLEASE READ - my fireplace heater does not push heat from the back or gets warm in the back. Make sure your fireplace heater does not throw back heat.

<3 Pamela