Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fair Isle Ornaments

I've been working on a couple fair isle knitting project, two ornaments. It's been a rather a test in patience to learn the process to hold the yarn.
Since I live alone it was hard to photograph the process, which I must add was a bit of starting over many times. This yarn twisted over that one. Whee!
Although frustrating at times, I am one who keeps going until I get it right.
I created these two Holiday ornaments to start.
I made a heart in the red and white sublime baby yarn. It was a bit of left over I had and this was the perfect project. The heart measures 3 1/2" high by 4" wide. Stuffed with polyester fiberfill with a 1/4" red ribbon and two red bells.
I also did a Christmas Tree and was quite pleased, if I might add, with the way it turned out.
If you notice a little spot on the tree trunk, it's a piece of cardboard from punching holes in homemade gift tags. I just noticed it in the photograph, oh well, 
just went to the kitchen and pick it off.
This ornament measures 8" tall by 3" wide at the largest part of the tree.
Aren't they nice? Can't wait to hang them on the tree!
<3 Pamela