Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cheap Landlords

 I haven't logged in for several days, it's been a bit of a bad time for me lately. Things just haven't been going well. They say things happen in 3's... I am beginning to believe it's true.
Days were it seems the world is picking on you, or luck just isn't in your cards. Trying to make ends meet and people who just don't give a crap if your just getting by or not.
People like landlords who seem to want more and more, yet do nothing for there renters. Rent gets raised nothing gets fixed, and if it does they want more from the renter. I rent from one of those kind of people, they live in a very nice area, a beautiful home, brand new windows and all. Yet, they don't care how I have to live.
Some may ask why I don't move...It's not easy to find a place in my price range. I rent the whole place and have access to a large field I farm. I have lived here for nearly 7 years and love the open space the quietness of the area. So I don't want to move...yet it seems as the years go by people just don't matter anymore to those with money. And my landlord has a lot. In reality I've always known they were cheap, but I find myself growing tired of it. What happen to the days when if you had a good renter, you treated them good?
So I have been just laying back and doing my best to relax.
  I had some bulky yarn I bought, gosh nearly 5 years ago. In fact it was discontinued shortly after I purchased. Thank goodness I purchased 5 balls of the yarn. It's been sitting in a white basket for all those years, originally bought for a pattern to crochet a sweater coat.
 Since I had a few inches cut off my hair recently, I'm finding the cold creeping down my back. I always kept my hair long, until the darn hot flashes. I now know why women cut there hair short as they get older. It's just not the best style for cold weather.
So I took the yarn on those days of troubles and began knitting just to keep my mind occupied,
off of all those nasty little bugs bothering me. And it worked!
I am almost done with the cowl, oh yes, forgot to add that's what I am knitting. Shown in the photograph above It was designed to knit in the round only I didn't have the size needles they required to do so. I don't like to carry a purse all the time and liked the feature of a hidden pocket.
I suspect I will be doing a bit of washing here and there with the color being ivory.
Thank goodness too that I don't wear a lot of makeup the older I get. In fact I like it better.
As soon as I get it finished I will post a photograph with buttons and all.
Have a great day, thanks for stopping by, and don't forget in times of troubles just pick up the needles or hook and make yourself something cozy and warm.
<3 Pamela