Sunday, October 28, 2012

Things To Do on a Cold Wet Day

 Well here on the Northwest side of Ohio we are bracing for a bit of the storm Sandy to make her way to shore. Although we wont be getting near the full impact of her wrath, it's bringing cold air and very wet weather, along with high winds.
On this side of the house are my white concord grapes, they offered a lot this year compared to last year. As your can see the leaves are turning, since it's fall, and today through the window I photographed the beginning effects of the storm, windy, rainy, and very cold.
 On a cold, wet day, the fireplace is warming the house, lending it's cozy feel. I am finishing undone task, such as gathering seeds from my favorite flowers. Zinnia's on the right and Yellow Daisies on the left.
And this year I added Lavender to the mix. My first batch is drying out on an old pine shaker grandfather clock I designed and had handmade in 1982. I started out with 8 different varieties of lavender which did very well, so next spring I am making half the field all Lavender.
 Of course, I have to make sure which variety survives the Northern winter in an open field. I have an acre and grow organic veggie every year, but plan on expanding more of the farm to suit the lavender.
Most of what I grow in the veggie garden is a variety of tomatoes. Next year I am making raised beds throughout the garden. However, today I am packaging the remaining seedlings I saved from this year crop. I do this every season and the reward is much better than buying new tomato plants. I start the seedling inside in February under florescent lights in a spare room.
On the heirloom seedling I always mix a bit of bleach in water and let the seedlings sit in the mixture a few seconds. This way I don't risk cross contamination.
There is only one problem this year, while the seedling were drying I got busy with another issue and thought I could mentally remember what is in each jar. So far, I can't remember not to worry as they grow, the leaves will tell me what the type of tomato it will produce. I did get a little more focused on the last batch and labeled the plate. The varieties I grow...
Romaine, Roma, Early Girls, Watermelon Bee, Black Krim, Cherry, Better Boys and Yellow Tomatoes. The Romaine and Roma did exceptional well this season and were my main plants. Roma's make exceptional sauce and tomato paste.
In the latter part of what was left of the daylight. I decided to hang a wooden sign on the wall. It has been sitting on the back of my couch long enough.
My love of words and especially being surrounded by those that are positive, can actually make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself. It keeps me thinking very positive all the time and I love it.
Here is the a bigger photograph of the corner where the sign and scones holding the candles are located. It's my favorite corner in the living room.
The table in the corner was another design of mine which was completed with the clock in 1982. Most of what you see I have had for many years. I believe in cherishing what one has, to many times we just dispose of things and replace them with new. I have had all my furniture since 1982 with some new added in 1994, since then, I have added the wording and the Willow Tree collectibles with a few handmade blankets and pillows.
I am finishing a cable pillow I knitted by adding the buttons tonight. I made a promise to myself, that I would finish what I started, before going on to another project. So far, so good, since June I have keep that promise and completed every project.
Tomorrow I will show you the pillow it has a unique story and twist to it's finishing.
Have a wonderful evening.
<3 Pamela