Monday, October 29, 2012

A Bit of Cable Knitting

    As promised in my last post here is my completed 3 Cable 18" Ivory Pillow.
I have really grown to love the cable pillows. The white one behind is also an 20" pillow, was done with Caron Yarn, 9 Cables 4 stitches in between. I made the white one in June recovered an old pillow, it took a bit more concentration and focus than the 3 Cable Ivory pillow, but I still like the way it looks.
I really am pleased with the ivory pillow it's a bit thicker, using a roving yarn by Bernat. It seems to be one of the best quality yarns available readily on the the market. I don't use expensive yarns often as I feel you don't always have to spend a lot of money to get a quality pillow.
  If I plan to make a item using a more pricey yarn ( which isn't often) waiting for it to go on sale suits me before purchasing. Being handmade for me is learning new stitches along with the personal accomplishment, plus it is cost efficient.
In yesterdays post there was a mentioning of a bit of a twist to this pillow. I am not fond of fabric backed pillows and enjoy the full look of a hand knitted pillow. It does take a bit more time, but I find it relaxing. I ended my pillow with a different stitch for button hole features and with this one I used a garter stitch. Only after I finished the required length, and the button holes, stitched the pillow wrong sides together, I noticed something not right. What should have been the garter stitch on the outside up over the cable stitch didn't work out that way.
So I decided to take the cable end the actually cast on beginning of the pillow and add a bit of crocheting to make the closing come down over the garter stitching.
   Making button holes by chaining 4 then moving on to the next sc then added the buttons.

The more I look at the this side of the pillow the more it grows on me with it's unusual appearance. It actually adds a bit of a change if I want to reverse and use this side. If this should happen again I think I might be adding more crochet rows to bring the overlap down just a bit more. What do you think like it or not?
Should you be interested in the pattern, I keep records while knitted and will be adding it to my pattern area.

As I sit here typing I can hear storm sandy is beginning to come our way. The winds have picked up as is the rain, I can actually feel my home moving now. Shaking a bit here and there with a few old windows rattling. For us it's just the beginning as the night settles.
Blessing and prayers that everyone remains safe as she passes through.
<3 Pamela