Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Crochet

Happy Easter to all, it's warm here today, a bit breezy, a beautiful day for Easter. Talking today with a friend of mine, we spoke of our childhood, and the things we had to do on Holidays. Looking nice was one of them, getting poked, hugged, and kissed by elders. All while thinking leave me alone, yet, never dare say it. Makes one wonder what has happened. 

Finally got the girl's in the coop, yet, so much more to do and thinking go girl go! Then thinking hire someone, yeah right, at these prices today me thinks me do it myself. I don't mind anyway so use to doing things, and that's okay, it keeps me young. Doing and moving is what I love, sitting still, is what I don't...oh,  not that I can't, just don't care for it. Which makes winter tough, yet, if they keep being as mild as they have been, it's all okay.

With that said, the starlings are really bombarding the feeders. There is a Blue Jay who lets me know he or she is there and yelling it seems...where is the food. Loving every minute it's squawks as if it knows me and rightly so it does from a distance. Feeding wild birds, domestic birds, chickens, and of course, my, Bella, who looks at me like what is going on...more chicks in the bath tub...the little Bantam's.

I've been crocheting a cute little sweater I've made before has been a bit difficult lately. Having so much going on and using worsted weight yarn, which I forgot, had me ripping it out a few times. Finally got it right last night...whee...note to attention to the yarn. Loving the colors though, Ocean, Pumpkin, and Robin's Egg all from Caron Simply Soft. My go to yarn on of what's available locally, it's workable, splits a bit, yet workable. On that note, just realized I haven't photographed the first one I made from the pattern. I will make sure I do that today.
Happy Easter to all.