Friday, February 17, 2017

Project Knit Time

First I have to say, it is so beautiful out today I believe our best Winter yet...warm, no snow, sun is shinning it's 50 some degrees. We have been blessed and warmer days are on way. The only problem it makes for wanting to start yard work and it's just a bit too early. Walks are really nice and I should be out taking one...yup after this I go!!

In the meantime, this is what's on the needles. It's called Cool Wool I just adore this and as much as crocheting is fun knitting is my passion. Can not say how much I love it thankfully right now I have no outstanding patterns on needles. Gee, what a relief. Isn't this just too darn cute...she just makes this pattern say buy me, make me...I only wish cooking did that to me...not. I'm at the point where heck with cooking, just popping a frozen in the microwave...Oh shame on me, I know, I know a frozen dinner. Hey, they have come a long way since the sixties. Foil tray, foil cover, fold back the corner, bake, is this really food, and portion there was none, okay barely. We've come a long way baby!

       Yes, so far along we can translate languages on the Internet, well sort of anyway. I found this pattern, actually its all over Pinterest only it's entirely in French...that's right French. Now, I did live there for a year, however, never did conquer the language...the male and female thing when it comes to words. English is so much easier it be should Universal..did I just print that..okay, don't loose it...I just don't seem to pick up foreign languages easily. So I did manage to translate took a few days and lots of erasing, I did, figure it out. Now I just need to try it. The pattern is free and if all goes well I will post an English version...Yippy! They are just way too too cute.

Then I found this pattern, that's right was not's actually 41 U.S. dollars that's right. Now I know our money is very different from Ukraine money, still, this was expensive so for now I opted out. All one has to do is email her and she will email the pattern once payment is received through Paypal...darn it anyway, I hope I saved it to the computer. I will let you know in another post. 

Last but not least I also found this cute is this!! Crocheting toys is not my thing even though this is adorable I am opting to make it into a fabric pattern with a few changes. When hopefully this year...when it comes to fabric, well, let's just say it will take time. Who knows, depends on what's on the needles and if I need a break. 
Sitting here looking out the window its so nice again to see the sun and blue sky, so longing for the green grass, trees to bloom. Oh spring, how I love you and long or you to arrive. In the meantime while I wait the winter out...thank you all for popping in...such dear friends from all over the World. 
Have a Blessed and Gorgeous day!