Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Don't It Just Figure

I do believe it's time to start a NOTE TO SELF...message...I was on a roll and suddenly it ended, right there it was the bottom of the yarn...hanging from the hook. Looking down I said out loud, "ah crap you gotta be kidding." But wait, I know I have tons of yarn all over the apartment stashed in those cubicle storage things that look like furniture...I dug and dug all around the apartment in the closets, yup, there is yarn everywhere....all but what I needed... like in the middle of a recipe and there it is a ingredient you don't have...not one ball of pink Vanna White yarn could this be??? The woman who is addicted to all brands of yarn, and that means if it's on sale I purchase it. My favorite of course is Cascade. So here I sit, actually I have to get ready to hit the store to grab what I need to finish this darn project. NOTE TO SELF...check out how much yarn you really have before beginning a project. Although Pink is not my favorite color to purchase if it need be noted.

What does need to be noted is how fast time truly does fly...this is my second oldest of three children, two boy's and a girl. He is amazing left he is 4 holding his newborn baby sister (see her in the lower right corner) look at that face...still as bright eyed today at 34. He is my well rounded one, an engineer in car designing he travels the world every week. If you look at your children really look one can see exactly what they will be when they grow a child, he was a photo bomber, courageous, always on the go happy go lucky child...and he knew when he did something wrong. He was my thinker of few words and when he spoke it was mature beyond his age. I always knew in my heart he would be okay and by golly he is...a true go after achieve person. I am so blessed and proud of this kid...I carry his heart, I carry it in mine, always.
Be so very still my heart...I love this kid more than words could possibly express.