Wednesday, October 12, 2016

When Things Change



One never knows when things will change, and when they do it's not without questions. We all have change it's true, yet, in our 50's and up it gets harder, and, I never knew how hard it would be until it happened to me.  There have been a lot of changes in my life, yes it's true. Who would have thought I would have meant and fallen in love at 61, I sure didn't, in fact, I wasn't even searching. It's been wonderful yet not without hesitation. Our past really doesn't make us who we are and that can be a bit frightening especially after a divorce. No matter how hard we try and how much we have forgiven there are certain things that still come along with you...ones mind is an awesome tool, yet, at the same time it stores memories and not all our good. Even though we don't think about them they tend to find there way to the front line when situations, or smells trigger the film to role, without one wanting to watch the movie. Despite all I am pushing forward through the hesitation and whatever else comes along. He is a good man, the best to me any man has ever been...that's him in photograph I took leaning on the tree. I have also picked up the camera have been shooting away to the point I am opening a local photography business. I did this in my younger years and decided age has no bearer on what we do if we don't let it...and I don' I am pushing forward in many ways. Babysitting my grand daughter Miss Camilla a couple hours a night which I am loving. Things have come a far way away from being a empty nester thus far...I do hope to do some yarn work as in knitting this winter and some crocheting of my little rabbits. I so look forward to the knitting needles and some much needed quite time.