Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ready to Block...

 I have finished the knitting and ready to wet down and block. 
Oh, how I loved knitting this top.

Took it outside to photograph the weather is gorgeous today, yet a bit hotter than usual although I am not complaining, by any means.

Knitted this Bulle top using Cascade 220 Superwash wool I almost hated to see it done. So, I have decided to do another, of course, in a different color. I love the top down knitting patterns only because when they are done, it's done, it's the beauty of them. Gee, it almost sounds like I have joined the ranks of the world and lost my patience in this techno society. Ha ha, not at all that's the beauty of children, many children one has and especially, special needs, patience is a must or one learns real quick. There is no crash course in patience as I sit here typing, looking out the window that is giving me a showing of the gorgeous greens of spring, car after car someone is texting at the light or on the phone.  I was telling a friend of mine today that it's wild how when I am out, I find myself wondering did I bring my phone, or if I use it thinking did I put it back. Always checking...what has happened...I miss the days when the phone was simply on the wall or a small table. One less thing to consume my mind. I often wonder what the world will be like in 5 or 10 years. Simple is so much better all the way around, oh simple, how I love you and this knitted top. I didn't add the pockets, I thought, she's only 2 no reason for them. I simple ended after the stockinette stitch looped on 10 stitches, turned, slipped on purl wise and knitted.  I always slip purl wise the first stitch on garter it gives a beautiful edging. I highly recommend this pattern a super great knit would make a wonderful gift for anyone has it comes in adult too...she just released a pattern not long ago.