Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring and New Knitting's on the Needles...

Hello May...yup it's arrived technically although last night was 38 degrees, making for one very cold and chilly day in May...I don't mind just makes for more knitting time...and this gal is loving it.
On the needles is a beautiful Tunic type top called "Bulle" size 4T a gorgeous and easy to knit top. I am using Cascade 220 Superwash, oh how soft, and the stitch definition out of this world dreamy. And right now, it the time to snag yarn there are so many sales going on it's just too hard to pass them this gal is stocking up on all things Cascade, love, love, love it!

There is also plenty of things happening outside...oh, how I love this time of year when everything is new and fresh. A bit more sneezing as the years climb, but hey, I don't mind at all. I caught this little guy with my Cannon through a storm door...then 

this happened...I'm not sure what he's doing but it was priceless! Pose for the Camera..Yippy!

Bella had a hard day sitting in the window watching the birds come and go....and so she went right to sleep in my sheepskin chair...girl thinks every chair and especially this one...was bought for her. Who can complain...she is a keeper.

I don't know if you remember the knitting of these cardigans from Tin Can Knits called fast and simple in design. I bought matching fabric for this one to sew an outfit to coordinate. I don't know about anyone else, children's clothing and clothing in general has really gone up in price. And, groceries, whee, less and higher priced. What is happening...everyone at the store is just as baffled as myself.

And to finish things off...this rose colored cardigan I made for my grand daughter who is 2 this month. I used Lion Brand which I do not like working with at all...but..what the heck it too was on sale, for some reason the stores where I live carry nothing but junk yarns...I dream of a huge shop just filled with premium yarns.

So here is Emma in the Rose Cardigan a bit lighter than it shows adorable on her. It was Mother's Day and we all  went to a really cool Yogurt Ice Cream store. Self serve with tons of flavors and toppings, and this little one was chatting away. Most of the time we had no idea what she was saying, but, she sure did...currently I have three grand babies that all just turned 2.  Sometimes I watch and think how did I ever raise my children...where did the energy come from...ah yes...youthful times. Be still my heart I am one blessed Mom and Grandmother.

Have a beautiful day where ever you may be...keep those hooks and needles moving, create, create, create!