Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Knitting Continues

I am nothing if not spontaneous, a person who lives in the moment and does what sparks me at the moment. So today I am posting on this my old blog. It seems brighter more colorful and today that's how I feel.

The sun is shining there is snow on the ground although it's bitter cold its a beautiful blue sky, sunny day.

Just the kind of day for sitting by the wood burner catching a glimpse of the flames and knitting socks. I have finished one and now working the other. Most people do socks on circular needles working both at the same time, I prefer the double pointed needles. Sock Syndrome which is what happens to many after completing one sock, the desire to do the other seems to halt. I enjoy making socks so I am fine doing one at a time. I can not tell one the joy I have found in this knitting of socks. Strange as it may seem I find it relaxing and fun at the same time. A new found love of knitting for  me. I am not a winter baby, don't enjoy winter sports other than I do so love football and look forward to the playoffs and the Super Bowl. I am also looking forward to knitting while watching the Alabama College Game. I plan to make knitting and learning new ways and patterns a big part of this year. I also plan on trying to find a place or spot for photographing my work. This winter has been rather kind to us with no snow and warmer temps until this year. I am grateful for the calmer winter opposed to the past two winters which were brutal. With my children all grown and raising their own children the house is quiet with exceptions of Bo Bunny and Bella the cat. Both are pretty quiet pets in fact right now (as I call them my children) they are sleeping. I truly enjoy the quiet, yet, the sounds of all the little things I hear in the house... I never paid much attention to when my children where still living at home. It's rather new found sounds I've never heard before, and it's nice, I enjoy discovering new things everyday. What a blessing it is to be able to have all six senses in tack. I am so very grateful.
Thank you for stopping by...stay warm and as always knit or crochet which ever you prefer <3

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