Sunday, October 25, 2015

Now Guess What....

After leaving a message about leaving blogger...I have been doing research and found that I can have more than one blog on blogger, duh! So guess what...I am currently setting up the other blog. Now as confusing as this sounds...Creative Nesting is already taken on blogger, so, I had to find a name that would suit me and what I do. I'm not exactly sure what that is...note to self..learn to make proper decision...Well with a lot of thinking and trying different names ( and wow there are so many already taken on blogger that are actually closed now) I came up with Cozy Nesting.

 The plan is to make it look more professional, focusing on snippets of my days, things I have created, and life in general. I will post when its ready to the meantime I will still be posting here. Although Typepad was fun to set up...I found I had to change to many things with Google + and being a gal who likes simple things. Staying right here on blogger was the easiest. Good grief I have been working and researching so far all day.