Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Working Clay

For a few months now I have found myself dabbling in clay again. It's another of things I love doing, only haven't done in a long time. This is not polymer clay, nope, I like to get my hands wet and work the clay. I hope to this winter to fit in making a bust of one of my grand children.
When these are done I will post where they can be purchased. The santa with the windows, has some in the back to...he lights up with a little battery operated tea light. He will also have little silver bells handing from his hat.

I am not new to any clay...I have worked with polymer clay...this was done for my grandson's birthday cake.

One of my all time favorites is making elves and fairies...working with doll clay I think is the clay I love the most. I always wanted to make a doll that resembled my daughter, life got busy and it didn't happen. Sometimes I think, if only there were 4 of me, I could get done all the things I enjoy...wouldn't that be nice...time seems to go so quickly its seems I no sooner get up and the day is gone.
I always thought being an empty nester there would be more me it seems to go faster.
How about you?